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The INOX 6000 Steam Jet Extractor is an all-in-one steam cleaner that is also equipped with a suction feature. It runs on electricity and is ideal for various indoor cleaning tasks. 

The INOX 6000 is perfect for vehicle interior cleaning. Various attachments provided with INOX 6000 make a true multitask steam cleaner. Vacuum, clean, sterilise and deodorise at the same time!


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  • Use steam jet and vacuum independently or simultaneously.
  • Clean and Sterilize upholstery (i.e. mattress, couch, counter tops, window frames, rugs. Etc.)
  • Remove stains & odor of carpet easily and quickly.
  • Water filter captures the finest dust particles and eliminates the need for regular paper filter replacement.
  • Comes with many attachments such as nozzles and brushes for all cleaning needs.
  • User-friendly design: one-touch on/off switches on nozzle handle.
  • Durable stainless body frame.
  • Automated boiler and pump operation for an energy-efficient system.
  • Quick steam re-generation
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