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The City of Cape Town is under huge pressure to save water as  the dam levels are dangerously low.  All businesses, residents  and visitors need to use water wisely. The Optima Steamer from SteaMachine is approved as a water savng technology and can save massive amounts of water in the business sector.

The “superheated steam” produced by the Optima Steamer sanitises and eliminates hazardous food-borne bacteria. Most of pathogens are known to be eliminated at 78°C. The Optima Steam is able to produce constant hot dry steam ranging from 100~135°C at the nozzle tip, ensuring total sanitation of unwanted micro-organisms and the dry steam with gentle pressure can safely clean the most sensitive equipment components. This is an efficient, nontoxic cleaner that leaves no chemical residue and it uses very small amounts of water. The Optima Steamer has the ability to rapidly remove soil and provide a sanitised surface throughout the production operation. No major interruption or extensive cleaning is needed.  It has the ability to rapidly eliminate difficult-to-remove animal, food substances and food pathogens from surfaces and equipment.

  • Sanitizes and eliminates hazardous food-borne bacteria.


  • Total sanitation of unwanted micro-organisms.


  • A moisture control valve allows for the increase moisture level when necessary (e.g. cleaning heavy grease, icing, chocolate residues)


  • Clean and sanitize food processing equipment and machinery more effectively than a pressure washer or heavy duty chemicals


  • Steam requires very little to no  preparation prior to cleaning or sanitizing


  • Safely clean the most sensitive equipment components such as control panels, conveyor belts, HVAC coils and screens, walk-in coolers and freezers


  • Eliminate multiple steps of preparing, washing, soaping, rinsing, drying and cleaning up waste water. Less downtime means more production and increased efficiency.


  • The machine’s water efficiency, low psi and reduced chemical usage makes your business more Eco-friendly and safer for your employees.

Optima Steamer steam cleaning a Chocolate enrober

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